Daniel H. Levine

daniel Daniel H. Levine is an Assistant Professor at the Maryland School of Public Policy and a Research Fellow with the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland.

Dr. Levine’s research is on the moral dimensions of military operations, particularly non-traditional operations such as counterinsurgency and peacekeeping. His most recent publication, “Some Considerations for Civilian-Peacekeeper Protection Alliances” (Ethics and Global Politics 6:1 2013) is available free (open access and under a Creative Commons license). His first book, The Morality of Peacekeeping, is out now and is destined to adorn every urbane coffee table.

In addition to teaching for the Partners project and at College Park, he has taught classes for the United States Institute of Peace, the Baltimore Free School, the University of Ghana, and the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College (the latter two while in residence as a Fulbright scholar).

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