Scholars in the JCI program, both on the inside and the outside have been the authors–and the subjects–of various publications, in books, magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. Take a look at a some of these articles.

Publications about the JCI Scholars Program:

Christina Jedra, Inmates Become Scholars with College Courses Behind Bars, Capital Gazette, December 2, 2015.

Baynard Woods, A Prison Philosophy Program tells us what we can learn about life from lifers, Baltimore City Paper, April 30, 2014.

Daniel De Vise, College Student’s Philosophy Program brings Plato and Buddha to a Maryland Prison, The Washington Post, Sept 1, 2011

Publications by JCI Scholars about the Program and the work we do here:

imageMikita Brottman, The Maximum Security Book Club: Reading Literature in a Men’s Prison, forthcoming from HarperCollins, June 2016.

Joshua A. Miller, “Democracy and Education Behind Bars,” Perspective on Politics, Volume 13, Issue 03 / September 2015, pp 714-721.

Joshua A. Miller and Daniel Harold Levine, “Reprobation as Shared Inquiry: Teaching the Liberal Arts in Prison,” Radical Philosophy Review 18 (2) (2015).

Drew Leder, The Enlightened Prison, in Austin Sarat (ed.) Special Issue: The Beautiful Prison (Studies in Law, Politics and Society, Volume 64) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.19 – 32 (2014).

Drew Leder with Vincent Greco, “They’re Animals” and Their Animals, in Philosophy Imprisoned: The Love of Wisdom in the Age of Mass Incarceration, edited by Sarah Tyson and Joshua M. Hall, Lexington Books, pp219-234 (2014).

Drew Leder, The Power of Meditative Practice: Finding the Freedom Within (a brochure about the value of meditation and contemplative practice in prison last updated in 2012, so it is possible elements of the resource list could have been changed).