July 16: Advanced Literature / Kafka

metamorphosis-jacket-of-first-book-editionThis week, we discussed Part II of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis.” For their homework, I’d asked the men to imagine themselves as Gregor’s sister Grete, and to write a letter to their best friend, giving an account of what’s been happening in their life. Here’s part of Mr. Gross’s response: “Guten Tag Ava. My family is experiencing some troublesome times which explains why I haven’t been able to visit you. Remember how you used to say my brother was creepy? Well, you’re not going to believe this, but now not only is he creepy, he’s also a crawler. He’s turned into a full grown bug. As for me sharing this with you, I should also tell you that only father, mother, the chief clerk and myself know about this, so please keep it a secret because I don’t want our house to turn into an insect zoo.” We’ll be discussing Part III in our final class next week.


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