Advanced Literature, July 9 2014

This week we started discussing Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” – th8e men had read part I by themselves over the preceding week. So far there’s a general consensus that the story is weird but intriguing. Here’s Mr. Hardy’s response: “Wow! I can only imagine what it would be like to awake and be someone you were not or now seem to be. To be such a creature as an oversized rodent, a Roach. I would much rather be a butterfly or a Praying Mantus even, just not a roach. One who creep late home in the darkest hour to eat An Unwanted creature as this. The rejection from your parents, over something you had no control over. As a child being the oldest I have suffered the blame many times. Yet they always taught, expect the best never look for the worst. No one wanted to just accept the fact that Gregor was sick. For God’s Sake, come on man have a day off. To be hurt by someone who says they love you is always the worse, especially when you are working for their benefit!”

More next week….

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