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TELL_TALE_HEART_by_Hartman_by_sideshowmonkeyMr. C Doyle on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”:

I liked the story, wish it has been longer.  I also liked Poe, and his style of insanity. As soon as I read the line, “I loved the old man,” I knew he was going to die! It was strange how I seemed to be one step ahead of everything that was happening in the story.  No matter how careful, cautious, or patient he boasted to be, I knew somehow, someway, he would slip up and wake the old man. The beating of the old man’s heart caused him to lose his cool and throw caution to the side.  He leaped into action, killing the old man.  It felt weird that I knew (before I read) that the old man’s body would be dismembered.

There is something unusually odd about the way this story was so predictable, like I had already read it before… but I hadn’t. After his death, the manifestation of the beating of the old man’s heart was presented, as he put it, “not within my ears”.  So the question is… “If not between his ears, where did the heart beat come from!?”  Very mysterious.


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