Monday Morning Statshot

Mr. Greco, the clerk to Ms. Schroeder, the JCI Librarian who organizes most of our logistics on the JCI side, has recently compiled some summary information on our program over the past few years, that I think is pretty impressive. In a nutshell, since 2010, folks involved with the JCI Scholars Program, and a number of the predecessor programs that we’ve built on, have taught 38 courses, and involved fifteen faculty. We don’t have good numbers on students, but we’re looking forward to having slots for about 160 students this summer, and we’ve been teaching similar numbers each semester for a while. Mr. Greco estimates that we’ve taught about 1,300 student slots (not that many students, as many students have been with the program many years and take a course almost every “semester”) and put in 2,112 volunteer hours.

In addition, a similar (but unaffiliated) program, Partners in Philosophy, has taught six courses involving grad students and a rotating roster of Washington College professors.

For those who want more detail, here’s Mr. Greco’s accounting of what we’ve taught (excluding the Partners in Philosophy numbers):


  • Creating a Peaceful Soul (Leder)
  • How We Decide (Leder)
  • Awakening Joy (Leder)
  • Awakening the Heroes Within (Leder)
  • The Soul Knows No Bars (Leder)
  • Tao Te Ching (Leder)
  • Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” (Leder)
  • Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” (Leder)
  • Soul Food (Leder)
  • Law and Society (Brown)
  • Business Law I (Brown)
  • Business Law II (Brown)
  • Issues in American Law (Brown)
  • Literature (Lobo)
  • Restorative Justice (Sabin/Lawrence)
  • Introduction to Formal Reasoning (Brunson)
  • Faith & Reason (Brunson)
  • Epistemology (Brunson)
  • Philosophy (Brunson)
  • Thinking Between Past and Future (Miller)
  • The Philosophers’ Handbook I (Miller)
  • The Philosophers’ Handbook II (Miller)
  • Game Theory and Game Design (Miller/Levine)
  • Writing (Hall)
  • Media Theory (Ball)
  • Political Theory and Political Narrative (Levine)
  • Violence (Levine/Miller)
  • Touchstones (Brottman)
  • Basic Writing (Brottman)
  • Psychology (Brottman)
  • Literature I (Brottman)
  • Literature II (Brottman)
  • Literature III (Brottman)
  • The Stoics (Golden)
  • Civil Rights (Donaldson)
  • History of Economic Thought (Donaldson/Houston)
  • Philosophy (Houston)
  • Criminal Justice (Cantora)


  • Prof. Drew Leder (Loyola)
  • Fr. Timothy Brown (Loyola)
  • Prof. Mikita Brottman (MICA)
  • Dr. Rachel Donaldson
  • Dr. Joshua Houston
  • Prof. Andrea Cantora (University of Baltimore)
  • Dr. Joshua Miller
  • Prof. Daniel Levine (University of Maryland)
  • Dr. Daniel Brunson (Morgan State)
  • Dr. Christian Golden (Georgetown)
  • Prof. Ed Sabin (Loyola)
  • Prof. Jared Ball (Morgan State)
  • Mr. Joseph Hall
  • Ms. Phyllis Lawrence (Loyola)

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