We are a Second Chance Pell Recipient!

The Department of Education has selected us to participate in the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program!

I wrote about this a bit before last year here and here. There will be much more news in the days and weeks ahead. We have heard that our partnership with the University of Baltimore is one of four such programs in the state of Maryland, but we don’t even know the names of the other schools!

Thanks to Secretary Moyer and Warden Webb for their support!

Thanks to our own Andrea Cantora who led the effort and will be shepherding the credit-bearing courses into being. Dr. Cantora came to us with plenty of experience working in prisons, but in her criminal justice courses she saw students who are deeply curious and hard-working taking classes without credit or recognition, and so she’s put an immense amount of time and effort into giving them what they deserve!

Thanks to all out faculty and outside students from Loyola, MICA, and Georgetown!

Thanks especially to our inside students, who deserved this so hard we had to make it real!


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