May 17: Ed Fotheringill

Guest post by Joshua Cahall

unnamedToday’s class with Mr. Fotheringill was quite interesting to me considering I have very little knowledge about or interest in Buddhism. Some aspects of it seemed admirable and attainable, while other parts of it seemed a bit hokey. I do believe meditation is a very powerful exercise. I touched on it a little during class, about these Buddhist monks being discovered dead for days with no signs of decomposition. It’s just inexplicable. It shows somehow that this meditation they were in was so deep that the death of their physical body didn’t even cause it to decompose. I think this shows meditation can be an extremely powerful force in some individuals, maybe even all individuals are capable of this.

I will say that the thing I absolutely love about Buddhism is its overwhelming promotion of peace. I’ve heard of many Muslim terrorists, but I’ve never heard of even one Buddhist terrorist. I think that shows its legitimacy and practicality.




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