Newsletters from the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Course

On Tuesday, my class “The Inside Out Prison Exchange Program: Criminal Justice Issues”, met for the final time at Jessup Correctional Institution. The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is a national program developed by Temple University in 1997, and offered in prisons across the country and internationally. This was my third year offering Inside-Out at JCI. For 12 weeks University of Baltimore students met with 16 JCI students to study crime and social justice issues. Each week we intensely discussed the difficult questions of why crime occurs, how to prevent it, what is the purpose of prison, and what alternatives might work better at seeking justice and accountability. The last three weeks of this course students worked on developing newsletters on a specific issue related to incarceration. Five newsletters were developed and presented during our final class yesterday. I am so proud of these students for putting so much effort and passion into creating these newsletters. These newsletters will be displayed at UB in the Criminal Justice Program office, and will also be available here:

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