May 2: John Peacock

Guest post by Joey McCarthy

PeacockI would like to say that I felt honored to be able to hear John Peacock’s reading about his life, and how he came to find out his true heritage and roots. Like John Peacock, I am also Irish and Indian mixed. My whole life I was led to believe that my father was a Cherokee Indian. I have always had a sixth sense, if you will, when it comes to Nature, like I’m in tune with the smells and sounds of the woodlands. I also have the stubbornness and temper of an Irishman. I would love to go on a journey such as John Peacock went on, to find out my true roots. My father was never in my life, and when I got old enough to take care of myself, I met with him. Soon after, he was beaten to death and robbed for his money. I wonder if there is a way for me to find out if I am truly part Cherokee Indian or not. Any feedback would be truly helpful. I am honored to have gotten a glimpse into John Peacock’s life, and to hear intimate details about his Sweat Lodge experience. Thank you for coming to speak with us. Truly outstanding.

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