April 19: Timmy Aziz

Guest Post by David Houk (Tree)

IMG06673The class on architecture was interesting because I’ve worked construction almost my whole life, and I have experience working with terracotta tile black (clay). I can’t believe it takes almost eleven years to learn this career. But I guess it really does, to learn all that it takes to build an entire building.

It was nice to know that Timmy did so much research into the local materials and what else was there, to build his mom’s house. I look at architecture as art that lasts more than a lifetime. Most of the greatest architecture IAA9769around the world is still here after all these years. Only the things that were destroyed by war and man’s stupidity are lost to newer generations. I believe that if there is a record of a great building or structure that was destroyed, it should be rebuilt just because great things should be remembered and admired.

I guess it is every man and boy’s dream to build his parents a house, or do something for his parents for putting up with them for 18 plus years and probably college as well, so building a house for your mom is the greatest way to show your love and respect for her. I am curious that Timmy used his memory to get the house as close to what he could remember. Using the open screen walls and scupper holes in the walls was very ingenious, and also super-smart IAA9771because it helped with hearing and cooling. But then he said that dust became a big problem, not to mention the rat incident!

All in all it was a good class, and I believe Mr. Aziz to be a good teacher, and maybe one of these days I will get to build a house for my parents. I might give him a call for some help if I get stuck! Thank you for coming in to teach such an interesting class. I wish you success in your future endeavors, and I will check you out when and if I get out of here.

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