Topic in the Humanities 2/23/2016

Inauguration Speech by Patrick Holmes, in response to guest visit by MICA professor John Barry

My Fellow Americans,

Today marks the dawn of a new age, a new beginning in which “We the People” will be reborn by an awakening of the Republic’s consciousness to guide our country back to the fundamentals that made our society great. In order to facilitate this rebirth, we must break out of that mass consumerist, military-industrialist fog that has encapsulated our minds, inhibited our spirits, and suppressed our creative abilities. In times as dire as ours, we need a leader who is not beholden to special interest groups, big banks and multi-national corporations that steal the best jobs from the American people and transplant them to overseas factories and pennies on the dollar. We need to get back to the fundamentals of small-town business mentality with a global outreach, where mom and pop can still make enough money to feed themselves and save money for a brighter future for their children, and our children.

We need to bring back the prosperity of this country by chopping down the trees of Big Business, rooting out corruption on all levels of government, business, and our uniformed services, and to reinstall honor, integrity, duty and respect into our civil servants. After all, that’s what we are here to do. Serve the people. For the people. By the people. A country where, once again, a man’s word is better than the gold that he would now sell his children to procure.

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