Topics in the Humanities, Feb 16 2016

Guest post by Sean Almond in response to class visit by conceptual artist Hugh Pocock

I enjoyed the presentation you gave here at JCI. Your work and thoughts really opened my eyes to  new concepts of what art is, or could be. I thought that your piece “Volume” was brilliant. To utilize the museum’s own air system and the claim the air as your own, that was great. I also felt a connection to your invitation to dinner, showing how much technology is relied on even in the simplest aspects of our lives. Being in prison, I understand this, just from my interactions with family and friends, and how society is losing the more or less intimate art of communication. Everything is very impersonal now.

I always thought of art as sort of “high-minded,” involving masterpieces, etc., and saw my own drawing as mundane, or mediocre. Through your work, I think I have a better understanding of art, and that it’s a more personal expression, and not confined to one particular set structure.

Your work is now an inspiration to me, reminding me not to confine myself to a box, and to look at the world a little differently.




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  1. Stephanie

    Sean we are so proud of you.


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